Instrument Care



Most surgical healthcare facilities own hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars of surgical instrumentation. In order to maintain the value of that inventory and ensure optimal performance in the operating room, instruments must be handled, cleaned and stored properly in a consistent maintenance program. This maintenance is the single most important factor for maximizing the service life of a surgical instrument aside from the manufacturing material and process.

Novo Surgical instruments are high quality medical devices that can be used for many years and undergo repeated sterilization cycles, but their lifecycle depends on the meticulous execution of such a program. Failure to follow generally accepted instrument care and maintenance procedures will shorten the service life or instrumentation and may invalidate the manufacturer instrument warranty.

Please contact someone from our customer service team for a copy of our Instructions for Use (IFU), which contains important information on how to clean, sterilize and maintain our instruments for continued optimal performance. We also have additional resources that can help identify the causes of certain issues like staining and propose solutions. In addition, there are a handful of resources available on the market for instrument maintenance, cleaning and care, including some offered by the International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management.

Please also browse the Accessories section of our website for Novo Surgical’s extensive line of instrument care and cleaning products.